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Rules and great powers

Countries in conflict in SFRJ Diplomacy are ex member republics of Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY or SFRJ in Serbian), today indepentent states, with exception of Serbia and Montenegro, that form Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Their abbreviations are:

- (B) Bosnia and Hercegovina

- (N) Montenegro

- (C) Croatia

- (D) Macedonia

- (L) Slovenia

- (S) Serbia


Each country starts with one army in it's capital:

- Bosnia: Army Sarajevo.

- Montenegro: Army Titograd.

- Croatia: Army Zagreb.

- Macedonia: Army Skopje.

- Slovenia: Army Ljubljana.

- Serbia: Army Beograd.


The reason for this is to give equal chace to everybody. Any other solution would be in vain, since some republics are much stronger and bigger than the others (e.g. Serbia and Montenegro).

There are 31 supply centers, thus 16 are needed for solo victory.

SFRJ Diplomacy can be played only on USTR Judge, Please note that this is second edition of SFRJ, so it's official name is sfrj2, and Judge uses sfrj2 as variant code.

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